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OMSETYPE is an independent type foundry based in London. We design contemporary typefaces for use in digital and print applications. In addition to our retail offerings we also design custom typefaces.

OMSETYPE is an offshoot of OMSE, a London-based design agency formed in 2016 with a focus on brand creation. OMSETYPE was born from our recognition of the outsized role typography plays in brand identity and a desire to build unique brands from the ground up. The two companies work in tandem with each retail typeface fulfilling a need identified in an OMSE project. Each typeface is then developed and tested extensively in OMSE projects before their retail release under OMSETYPE. Visit, or to see some of this work.

OMSE originally comes from the Swedish word ömsesidig, meaning mutual or like-minded. We’ve simplified our brand name however the umlaut (ö) lives on as our brand character.

If you have a project you think we could help with, please get in touch.